Absolute Dental Center

Our customers are our priority, we offer quality dental services with a team of experts. More details about our services below.

  • Dental cleaning
  • Dental bonding
  • Reconstruction of tooth with axis
  • Treatment of gingivitis – It involves a session with a recheck and treatment if needed.
  • Treatment of periodontitis. It involves two sessions with rechecking and treatment if needed.
  • Invisible Orthodontic Braces (The test is done within 15 – 20 minutes, and a panoramic radiograph is required to evaluate the treatment.)
  • Tooth denervation
  • Dental bridge – Depending on the size of the case and the materials used, the cost may increase. (Includes a three-piece bridge of metal-porcelain or all-ceramic materials.)
  • Dental implants – Consists of one session to study and plan the procedure. The patient is required to have a panoramic radiograph with him.
  • Tooth extraction
  • Wisdom tooth extraction – The patient should have a recent panoramic x-ray with them, otherwise an x-ray is provided in the office with the exam.
  • Teeth Cleaning – The cost varies depending on the diagnosis. Recommended every 6 months. The process includes detangling with sonicflex ultrasound, polishing, depigmentation and sandblasting. As the patient is given instructions on proper hygiene.
  • Teeth Whitening – Consists of one one-hour session, but it is recommended that the session be split into two appointments, for zero tooth sensitivity.
  • Partial Denture
  • Stabilization splints – hump
  • Complete Denture (Teeth Gum)
  • Bone regeneration
  • Dentistry
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Resin veneers – It is divided into two appointments, in the first one a diagnosis and planning for the desired result is done. At the second appointment, the procedure is carried out.
  • Prosthetic
  • Stefani (Case)
  • Polishing – Fluoridation
  • Oral check- The first visit for information and treatment plan is FREE.
  • Tooth filling
  • Halinectomy
  • Surgical extraction of an impacted and semi-impacted tooth
  • Surgical extraction of impacted teeth

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